Leg Locks and Takedowns

Leg Locks and Takedowns

Leg Locks

Calf Cursher:

He is on his back; your left inside forearm wrapped around his right leg at the lower calf muscle; keep his right leg bent as much as possible; your right hand catches your left hand in a gable grip; lift straight up tightening the hold to cause the pain.

Inside Heel:

He is on his back; gable grip on his left leg, (your right inside fore arm is under his leg close to the crook of his knee, your left arm on the outside of his shin bone at the upper calf muscle; step forward with your left foot alongside his left side; twist your body around to the rear as you release your gable grip, placing your right hand on his inside knee pinning it in place as you catch his heel in the crook of his your left arm; slide your right arm along his inside leg, keeping it in position, as your hands come together in a gable grip, step with your left leg over his right leg next to his body (to prevent him from wiggling away from the pressure), bending his left leg across his body; keeping everything tight against your body, twist back into him to destroy his knee joint.

Pile Driver:

He is on his back; you have his right foot. Pull his right foot up to about hip height; maintain control of his foot and grab his heel with your right hand, his toes with your left; twist his foot clockwise so his knee is pointing down; place your right leg over his right leg (on the inside between his legs with your right shin in the crook of his right knee) and on the ground; tuck his right foot into your lap on your right side, drop (twisting your right knee to your right, keeping your shin in the crook of his knee) putting your right knee and toes on the ground; adjust your left leg as you drop so it is straddling his left leg to the left side and straight; lean forward with your upper body thrusting your hips forward to effect the damage.

Leg Tie:

He is on his back and flailing his legs kicking up at you and you end up with both of his feet in your hands; at this point you push both of his legs forward adjusting your feet forward and push one of his legs across the other leg (under the knee), at the same time as you step across his body; sit on his thigh and gable grip his leg, pulling it towards your body applying a leg bar as you pull back with your arms push forward with your knees (and hips) to destroy his knee.

Toe Hold:

He is on his back; your left inside fore arm wrapped around his right leg at the lower calf muscle; step in towards him with your right leg and with your right shin scrootch forward causing his legs to separate as you bundle him up allowing his right knee to bend more; right punch towards his face to distract him, your right hand retracts to his right patella and you push his leg to your rear, Your left hand meanwhile grabs and pushes down on his right foot causing his hip to rise and allowing you to apply a figure four grip by weaving your right arm under his leg (between the calf and Achilles tendon) and catching your left wrist, pulling him in tight; violently rotate your chest and arms to your right as you step with your left foot to alongside his body turning him over onto his stomach; apply pressure on his foot to destroy his ankle tendons.



His arm is straight and your vertical outside forearm is slightly behind his elbow on his humerus, you have a grip on his wrist with your other hand; pull back on his wrist as you push forward with your vertical forearm forcing him to the ground with you.

Leg Snatch:

Step forward with your left leg between his legs about level with his left foot, dipping low to go under his strikes, head butt his body causing his weight to shift to his back leg; swing your right arm around his leg, gabble gripping his knee, lifting his leg in tight to your body, as you step forward with your right leg to the outside of his leg, squeeze his leg tightly between your legs as you bring your left leg together with your right (makes it harder for him to free his leg); now, using short choppy steps press down on his thigh with your ab muscles sweeping him down towards his butt. In Front: As you snatch his leg, it ends up in front of you; you want to pull his leg in tight with your right and reach down to his ankle with the other hand; you pull his leg (your head is not involved in this move); you step forward (left) across his body with your left leg, then, while you twist violently with your right chest/shoulder, swing your right leg against his support leg, preventing it from going forward enough to keep his balance, and he falls forward. By lifting his leg as high as you can, you can use your right leg to sweep his foot out from under him, causing him to fall backwards.

Ankle Pick:

Grabbing the back of his head with both hands, step back with your left foot dropping your weight (and lowering your body) pull him forward and down forcing his weight on to his right front leg; maintaining your right hand on his head, reach down with your left hand and catch his right ankle; stepping forward with your left foot, hit him in his body with your head, helping his weight to shift backwards, as you lift up his right foot causing him to fall on his back.