Prices for Equipment and Services



Full School Uniform (Includes 2 T-Shirts, Cup and Supporter, and mouldable Mouthguard.) 450 nis
School Uniform 350 nis
School Gi Tops 240 nis
School Gi Bottoms 140 nis
School T-Shirts 45 nis
Cup and Supporters
Custom Made Kenpo Bogu Do $275 + Shipping

Custom Made Weapons

All Wooden Weapons are handmade by us, not for us, from Red Oak, White Oak, or Hickory hardwoods.
Tanbo 24" Ryukyu Kenpo Kobujutsu style. 60 +Shipping
Chizikunbo 6" Ryukyu Kenpo Kobujutsu style. $55 +Shipping


Seminars and Teaching

3-5 Days [Door to Door] $1400 plus ALL expenses
7-10 Days [Door to Door] $2400 plus ALL expenses


3 Days $500 [Door to Door] plus ALL expenses
5 Days $800 [Door to Door] plus ALL expenses
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