Kobujutsu Kai Rank and Belts

Our Belts and their Requirements

Requirements for Promotion

The Academy of Ryukyu Kenpo in Kfar Adumim has a unique system reminiscent of the very old days in training. Since we are a family style non-commercial school, we do not use a belt system in the Muudansha trial period. Instead, the Muudansha trial consists of an eight to twelve-month time in which the potential student is taught a set curriculum while he is evaluated by the instructors. Upon successful completion the potential student is offered the opportunity to become a member of our Yuudanshai. At this point, the member is elevated to the Dan ranks, and pursues his interests more closely.

The Ryukyu system in the Dan ranking:

Age and Experience Requirements:

Dan Color Stripe Min. Age Yrs of Study Yrs Dan Instructing License
Shodan Black ¾ inch silver - - n/a Assistant Instructor
Nidan Black 1 inch silver 15 4 2 Assistant Instructor
Sandan¹ Black 1½ inch silver 18 6 4 Shihandai
Yondan Black ¾ inch gold 21 8 (Shihan)² 6 Shihan
Godan Black 1 inch gold 25 13 (Shihan)² 9 Shihan
Rokudan Black 1½ inch gold 30 15 (Renshi)² 12 Shihan
Nanadan Red ¾ inch gold 35 20 (Kyoshi)² 15 Daishihan
Hachidan Red ¾ inch gold 40 24 (Kyoshi)² 20 Daishihan
Kudan Red 1½ inch gold 55 39 (Hanshi)² 35 Daishihan
Judan Red 1½ inch gold 62 45 (Hanshi)² 40 Saikou Shihan

¹After Sandan, only one, of the Minimums may be violated. ²Title Ranks.

It is the policy of the Association that RKKKR Certified Shihan, Renshi, and Kyoshi should operate their own unsupervised dojo. However, Gakusha Instructors (Shodan through Sandan), should, only teach under direct supervision of their Shihan, Renshi, or Kyoshi instructor.