A School Check List

Martial Arts School Check List


BEFORE you buy!

Use this checklist to help you understand the "FULL AMOUNT" you are going to be spending. You must beware the hidden costs - Get full disclosure before you sign any contract! (Once the contract is signed, it is too late --) If there is any doubt contact your attorney

Do you charge belt testing fees? ______Yes _______No. If yes:
Do you have a price list showing each test fee? ______Yes ______No.
What is the total charge for all belt/stripe fees - from White through 1st Black! $_________.
What is the test fee for (just) Black Belt? $___________.
Do you have written requirements for each belt/stripe test? _____Yes _____No.
Number of techniques per belt? ____.
Number of Kata per belt? ___.
On the average how often is a person tested? _______________.

Am I expected to purchase a uniform for classes? ______Yes _____No. If yes:
Must it be bought through the studio? ____Yes ____No. If no:
What style and color must it be? ________.

Is sparring/freestyle required? ______Yes _____No. If yes:
Total cost of all required sparring/safety equipment? $______________.
Must all equipment be bought through the studio? _____Yes _____No.
Is contact allowed in sparring? ______Yes ______No.
Is kicking to the head allowed? ______Yes ______No.
Is kicking to the head mandatory? _____Yes _____No.

Am I required to go to seminars? ___Yes ___No. If yes:
How many? ______.
Approximately, what is their cost? $___________.

Am I required to go to tournaments? ___Yes ___No. If yes:
What kind of tournaments?
Contact? ___ Non-Contact? ___ Bogu? ____.
Open? ____ Closed? ____.
How many? ______.

Is breaking of boards required? ____Yes ____No. If yes:
Required for training? ____Yes ____No
Required for testing? ____Yes ____No
Required for Demonstrations? ____Yes ____No

Is the studio full time, professional? _________ Part time? ___________
What are the hours _____________________?
How long has the studio been open? _____________

Must I sign a contract? _____Yes ______ No. If yes:
Can I get a copy to take to my attorney for review before I sign it? ____Yes ____No.
Are payments made to a third party? ____Yes ____No.

Are instructors Licensed to teach, through a recognized organization? ______Yes ______ No.

Does the basic course include:
Private instruction/Personal Trainer? ____Yes ____No. If yes:
Is it every week? ____Yes ___ No. If no:
Is it bi-weekly? ____Yes ___ No.
If no: When and how often? _____.
Is private instruction available at an extra cost? _____Yes _____No. If yes:
How much per hour? ____________.
Group classes only? ____Yes. If yes:
How many groups per week? ________.
Do I have to pay for extra groups? ____Yes ____No. If yes:
How much? _________.

Do you use Youth for Instructors? _____Yes _____No.
Do you award Black Belts to Youths? ____Yes ____No. If yes:
Starting at what age? _______.
What is the average time for a youth to get a Black Belt? _________.

Do you teach primarily:
Modern Sport Karate? ____Yes ____ No. % of total? ____. If yes:
What kind?
TaekwonDo ___ American Karate ___ Bushidokan ___ Kyokyushinkai ___ TangSooDo ___ Kajukenbo ___ Kickboxing ___ Eclectic ___ Other __________.

Traditional Sport Karate? ____Yes ____ No. % of total? ____. If yes:
What kind?
Shotokan __ Shitoryu __ Wadoryu __ Shorinryu __ Goju ryu __ Isshinryu __ Other _______.

Self Defense Karate? ____Yes ____ No. % of total? ______ If yes:
What kind?
Traditional Okinawan? Tode ____ Tuidi ___ Kyusho jutsu ___ Kenpo/Kempo ___ Motobu Undi ___ Other___.
Traditional Japanese? Jujutsu ___ Akijutsu ____ Kenpo ___ Other_________.
Modern Method? Tracy's Kenpo ___ Krav Maga ___ American Kenpo ___ Jujutsu ___ Hapkido ___ Hawaiian Kenpo ___ Eclectic ___ Other ________.

Health and Fitness? ____Yes ____ No. % of total? ______ If yes:
What kind?
Tai Chi ___ Aikido ___ Karate Aerobics ___ Eclectic ___.

Classes and the Classroom:
How much class time is spent on physical fitness and exercising? _____. % of total? ______.
Do you teach Weapons Kata? ____Yes ____ No. If yes:
Which ones? _____. When? _____.
Do you teach Weapons Applications? ____Yes ____ No. If yes:
When? ________.
Do you teach Bogu Kumite? ____Yes ____ No. If yes:
When? ________ How often? ________.
Is the workout area matted for rolling and falling? ___Yes ___No.
Do you teach ground fighting/grappling? ____Yes ____No.
When? ________ How often? ________.
Can I reschedule or cancel my lessons if I am sick or go on vacation? ___Yes ___No.
Do I have to pay for lessons I cannot take due to illness or other unforeseen events such as school activities, sporting events, visiting relatives, and such? ___Yes ___No.

With this list and the answers you are given, you will have a better idea as to, if, this school is right for you!