Tournament Staff and Officials

Tournament Officials Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Tournament Director. The person in overall charge is the Tournament Director. He is the final arbiter of conflicts arising from running the tournament. Usually, but not always, he is the tournament promoter. He must have an intimate knowledge of the rules, procedures, and spirit governing the running of this style of tournament.
  2. Tournament Director's Assistant. Assists and represents the Tournament Director as needed. Organizes the Score/Time Keepers during Registration and Setup.
  3. Center Referee. Person in charge of the ring in both, Jiyu Kumite and Chinese Boxing. Center Referee must have successfully passed the course for Center Referees given by the Rengokai, and, be appointed as Center Referee by the Tournament Director. Chief Center Referee, appointed by the Tournament Director, oversees ring and competitor areas' setup. Organizes the Equipment Handlers during Setup.
  4. Judges. Person so designated by the Tournament Director to judge in Empty Hand Kata, Weapons Kata, Jiyu Kumite, and Chinese Boxing. Must be Dan grade, experienced with competitions, and/or, appointed by the Tournament Director. Judges must attend the "Black Belt Meeting" held prior to the tournament, know, and agree to the rules as they are explained at the meeting.
  5. Score/Time Keeper. Appointed by the Tournament Director or his representative. Records points awarded for kata and kumite; does the math for kata, hands the names of the winners to the kata Judges, informs the Center Referee when time expires in a match, indicates the winner in Jiyu Kumite, writes the names of winners as they advance on the charts.
  6. Equipment Handler. Assists the competitor in putting on and removing the necessary safety equipment for his match. Is responsible for making sure the competitors are correctly outfitted for the match in which they are about to engage; to include their footwear and other accouterments. Escorts the competitor to the ring for his match; and, the respective pool (Winners or Losers) at the end of the match. He, also, acts as the courier of items for the Score/Time keeper and Center Referee.
  7. Excepting the Judges, everyone who wants to be a part of the Tournament staff, MUST be trained how to perform their duties. It is customary to use proceeds from the Tournament, to take the staff to dinner after the Tournament! This is NORMAL.

Properly running a Tournament is difficult and demanding. One Score/Time Keeper is required for every ring being utilized. Between two and four Equipment Handlers are required for every ring.
It must never be forgotten: a Tournament cannot take place without the Score/Time Keepers and Equipment Handlers. It is a REQUIREMENT that they be treated with respect and dignity. It is their due; for their hard work!