Black Belt Program

Black Belt Program Stage 2

Belt Chart


Kunioshi no Sai
Pinan Godan


Wrapping the Gift. (ABC).
Join the Club. (ABCDE).

Wrapping the Gift: (ABC)

(A.) High right Roundhouse: Hop forward to your left side (slightly off the line of attack) to a neutral bow stance; twist your upper body, and block his kick with both of your arms in the vertical forearm position (close to your elbows); wrap your left arm around his kicking leg and straighten up (if it was a bit low); step forward a bit with your left foot, then, step forward with your right leg behind his left foot (to trip him), right palm heel strike/push his head or chest (driving his upper body back, to the ground), with your left arm still holding his right calf, use your right hand to keep his left leg from interfering with our movement, step forward with your right leg between his legs and put it right beside his head (or step on his head – the choice is yours!) continue stepping forward with your left leg to cause him to flip over his head onto his stomach, slide your right leg forward and sit on his lower back while pulling his right knee up with your right hand, squeeze your knees together; grip the ball of his right foot with both of your hands and violently twist it counterclockwise to your left.

(B.) High left Roundhouse: Hop forward to your left side off the line of attack to a fighting stance, block his kick with your right arm high outside block, your left hand in a guard position by your right elbow; wrap your right arm over and around his kicking leg, your left hand on the leg; step forward with your right foot, then, sweep his right support leg with your left leg (if you cannot sweep, then trip him), left palm heel push his chest (driving his head backwards into the ground), your right arm still holding on to his left leg), shuffle back a bit with your left foot to a fighting stance, and allow his left leg to slide (as he falls) so you can hook his left ankle/lower calf with your right forearm; catch the top of your right hand with your left hand; keeping his left foot pinned to your right side, pull up and twist your right forearm against his left Achilles tendon (causing him to lift his hips and lower back off the ground); step a bit forward 45° to the left with your left foot; then step over his left leg with your right leg (causing him to turn on to his chest), plant by his left side in a Naihanchi stance; then: pull back and up on his left leg, lower your Naihanchi to a squat (putting him in a ‘Half Boston Crab’); sit (and rock back) on his back to disable him.

(C.) Spinning kick: Step forward with your left foot and Naihanchi kick (with your right foot) his left supporting leg knee joint (breaking it or causing him to collapse), simultaneously strike with both of your knife hands to the back of his shoulder joints (to stop his spin and prevent his arms from striking you); bump or right knee strike his hips (to break his balance); then step back with your right foot, then your left foot and kneel on your left knee; pull him down onto your right knee to break his spine; push him forward off your knee to a sitting position with your shin against his back; maintaining your left hand on his forehead, pulling his head back, circle your right arm 360° to a dropping elbow strike to his face, continue the motion and right tiger claw his face as you circle once more and right ulna strike his right clavicle to break; stand up with both of your feet together allowing his upper body to fall (or you can push it) to the floor. From here you can stomp on his head with your right foot.

Join the Club: (ABCDE)

(A.) Threatening in his right hand: Step forward with your left foot, reach up with your right hand and grab the club, with your left hand push his right hand higher as you rotate the club clockwise removing it from his grip; continue the motion striking him on the head with the club until he no longer can aggress.

(B.) Backhand strike: As he begins to swing, step straight forward with your left foot to close the distance, place your left palm on the outside of his right elbow (to pin it to his body), as you strike to his face (to damage and distract him) with your right hand; grab the club with your right hand and rotate the club clockwise removing it from his grip.

(C.) Poking you: As he pokes you grab the end of the club with your right hand, with your left hand grab the bottom of his right hand moving it to your right side as you push upward with it and push downwards with your right hand removing the club from his grip, stepping back is optional during the move. Now use the club as it was intended to be used - on him!

(D.) Baseball Bat: As he starts his strike you double palm (or ulna) strike his lead upper arm, keeping your left hand in place on the upper arm push it away from you, your right hand slides over his upper arm and pokes him in his left eye as it continues to slap him turning his head to his right, as you push his head to the back with your right hand you slide your left hand to his left wrist pulling back applying an armbar against his left arm. Step forward with your left foot and force him to the ground. Your instructor will explain the other various moves you can do to take the bat from him.

(E.) Shoving you: As he starts his strike you explosively drive both of your hands down on top of the club inside of his hands, grabbing it and ripping it out of his grip, if he manages to resist this, slide your right hand over the club and drive your Tiger Claw into his eyes to distract him, then regrab the club with your right hand and rotate the club clockwise removing it from his grip. Now use the club - on him!

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