Black Belt Program

Hóng Cūn [Red Village] Liūchū Qūanfa [Ryukyu Kenpo]
(紅鄉 琉球 拳法)

Black Belt Program Stage 2

Belt Chart


Kunioshi no Sai
Pinan Godan


Grasping at Straws. (AB).
Join the Club. (AB).

Grasping at Straws: (AB)

(A) Grab his left wrist with your left hand as you Naihanchi kick his right inner knee with your right foot, twist your right wrist free, and as you step forward right knife hand strike his right carotid/vagus nerve area of his neck (Gb20); cross back in advance with your left foot, 45° to your right, adjust your left-hand grip on his wrist, place your right vertical forearm just above his left elbow, pivot left to a Naihanchi stance to break his left arm; then right crane hook the inside crook of his left elbow, pivot clockwise to a twisted stance and left elbow strike to his face, twist back and deliver a right cupped palm strike to the neck/cranium juncture at the back of his head.

(B) Catch his fingers with your left hand (your fingers on the outside of his index finger, your thumb on the outside of his little finger/reversed for his left hand) slowing it, strike the back of his right hand (lower metacarpals right above his wrist) with your right reverse knife hand; pull his hand to your chest and pin it to your chest, as you step back with your right foot (left if catching his left hand), circle your right hand clockwise under your left arm to your left wrist (keeping his hand pinned to your chest); pin your elbows tight to your sides (so his arms cannot pass underneath them), bend forward 45° with your upper body (shifting your weight forward into him), drop your chin onto your chest (to protect your face in case of a head butt), bend his fingers forward as far as you can; and twist them clockwise (to cause him to bend his knees); pivot and corkscrew down, kneel with your left (right for his left hand); adjust and restrain. under his right forearm (hooking his left arm in an arm lock position with your left arm), your right hand simultaneously releases its grip on his right hand, and circles to a right backhand strike to the base of his skull; scooch forward a bit in your kneeling stance (adjust) and apply a folding restraint with your left arm and violently straighten your left arm to dislocate his right shoulder.

Join the Club: (AB)

(A.) Step forward with your right foot to a fighting stance, simultaneously right tiger mouth to his throat (or tiger claw his face) and left outward parry counter grab his right wrist; then, execute a right folding elbow strike to the left side of his head, continue through, your right is on top of his right arm, then, reverse and right side elbow strike to his face; with your right-hand reach over his right forearm and grab the outside of his right wrist (placing your right thumb on his middle knuckle ); cross back 135° to the left with your right foot while shifting your left hand under his right hand, and grab the inside of his right wrist with your left thumb on his first knuckle); pivot to a fighting stance, now apply a center lock on his right hand; right front kick his right knee; plant-forward, removing the weapon from his grip with your right hand. Strike down full force on the base of his skull with the top two inches of the club.

(B.) Backhand. As he begins to swing, step straight forward with your left foot to close the distance (your right foot follows to a neutral bow stance), place your left palm on the outside of his right elbow (to pin it to his body), as you strike to his face (to distract him) with your right hand; drop your right arm to his right wrist and grab it; step 135° to your left with your right foot, continue the motion with your right arm down and clockwise, sliding your left forearm to the back of his right elbow; as you bring his right arm to your right chamber position, pivot 180° shifting your weight forward (as you break his right elbow with your left forearm), twist 90° to your left, circle his right elbow clockwise (destroying the joint of his right elbow) until his elbow is vertical; maintain your grip on his wrist, step forward behind his right leg with your right foot, step forward behind his left leg with your left foot, shift to a natural stance (facing his back), place your left hand on his left shoulder as you violently swing his right arm up behind his back with your right arm; slide your left arm forward and around his neck, release his right arm and apply a naked choke with your right arm; bump or right knee strike his hips (to break his balance); then rapidly move back until you can kneel on your left knee; pull him down to a sitting position with your shin against his back – or – you can just drag him backwards until he is choked out.