Kid's Program

Kid's Program

Blue Belt Chart


Bo Kihon


Shackle Break:
Spurned Affections: (B).
Attacking Demon: (B).

Shackle Break:

Counter grab both of his wrists and hop forward with your left foot; pull on both of his arms forwards towards your hips, right rear kick to his groin or body causing him to bend over; plant back between his legs with your right foot and pivot 180º to a Naihanchi or fighting stance as you release your grip on his right arm, your left hand maintaining your grip on his left wrist still pulling forward, your right arm begins circling clockwise and executes a right dropping elbow strike to his spine (or the right side of his neck, if need be); release your grip on his left arm, as you circle your right forearm counterclockwise (over and around his neck), grasp your right wrist with your left hand putting him in a guillotine lock with a reverse gable grip; immediately start the choke as you step forward 45º with your left foot, followed by crossing back in advance along the 45º with your right foot; pivot to a stable stance as you continue dragging him along by his head; continue with the choke until resistance stops. Don’t kill him!

Spurned Affections: (B)

Step forward with your left foot to a forward stance (outside his right foot), double inward parry (catching his wrists) with tiger mouths, push his left arm back (across and on top of his right forearm) with your right hand, your left hand (with his right wrist) against and on top of the crook of your right arm; pull your right arm in to your chest (pinning his right forearm against your chest) passing under your left forearm, your left hand rotates clockwise adjusting to his right palm (so you can catch his right hand with your left hand); cross back in advance 45º left forward with your right foot, as you continue your right forearm’s movement around his right forearm (until your right knife hand is on top of his right wrist), lock both of your elbows to your ribs (to prevent his forearm from escaping); Kenpo lock his right arm; pivot 180º, spiraling down, kneel on your left, for takedown and restraint.

Attacking Demon: (B)

Place your hands in the self-defense posture 45° forward, shoulder high, and open, the arms bent 90°, the elbows one hand’s distance from the ribs, use this to determine your trigger distancing and to keep him from further encroaching your space; when you determine that he has the intent to do you harm, Naihanchi kick his left inside knee with your right leg, plant-forward and double knife hand strikes to his carotid/vagus nerves areas, maintaining your grip on his head, pull his head down to your belly button height, slide your right hand down, and grab his chin while maintaining your left hand on top of his head. While pulling him forward by his head. step back right foot, left foot, then pivot to a Naihanchi stance and twist his head counterclockwise to make him fall.

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