Kid's Program

Kid's Program

Brown Belt Chart


Kama Kihon


Join the Club: (B).
Wrapping the Gift: (A2).
Break a Leg:

Join the Club: (B)

Backhand. As he begins to swing, step straight forward with your left foot to close the distance (your right foot follows to a neutral bow stance), place your left palm on the outside of his right elbow (to pin it to his body), as you strike to his face (to distract him) with your right hand; drop your right arm to his right wrist and grab it; step 135° to your left with your right foot, continue the motion with your right arm down and clockwise, sliding your left forearm to the back of his right elbow; as you bring his right arm to your right chamber position, pivot 180° shifting your weight forward (as you break his right elbow with your left forearm), twist 90° to your left, circle his right elbow clockwise (destroying the joint of his right elbow) until his elbow is vertical; maintain your grip on his wrist, step forward behind his right leg with your right foot, step forward behind his left leg with your left foot, shift to a natural stance (facing his back), place your left hand on his left shoulder as you violently swing his right arm up behind his back with your right arm; slide your left arm forward and around his neck, release his right arm and apply a naked choke with your right arm; bump or right knee strike his hips (to break his balance); then rapidly move back until you can kneel on your left knee; pull him down to a sitting position with your shin against his back – or – you can just drag him backwards until he is choked out.

Wrapping the Gift: (A2)

(High right Roundhouse). Hop forward to your left side (slightly off the line of attack) to a neutral bow stance; twist your upper body, and block his kick with both of your arms in the vertical forearm position (close to your elbows); wrap your left arm around his kicking leg and straighten up (if it was a bit low); step forward a bit with your left foot, then, step forward with your right leg behind his left foot (to trip him), right palm heel strike/push his head or chest (driving his upper body back, to the ground), with your left arm still holding his right calf, use your right hand to keep his left leg from interfering with our movement, step forward with your right leg between his legs and put it right beside his head (or step on his head – the choice is yours!) continue stepping forward with your left leg to cause him to flip over his head onto his stomach, slide your right leg forward and sit on his lower back while pulling his right knee up with your right hand, squeeze your knees together; grip the ball of his right foot with both of your hands and violently twist it counterclockwise to your left.

Break a Leg:

He is on his back and flailing his legs, kicking up at you, and you end up with both of his feet in your hands; at this point, you push both of his legs forward adjusting your feet forward, and push one of his legs across the other leg (under the knee), at the same time as you step across his body; sit on his thigh and gable grip his leg, pulling it towards your body applying a leg bar as you pull back with your arms push forward with your knees (and hips) to destroy his knee.

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