Kid's Program

Kid's Program

Green Belt (Brown Stripe) Chart




Warm Embraces: (B).
Line of Retribution: (C).

Warm Embraces: (B)

Step back with your right foot, double palm heel strike to the top of his head (driving his head onto his spinal column, stopping his forward momentum); Keeping his head in place between your hands, drive a right rising knee into his face, planting forward (if possible); step back with your right then your left, grabbing his chin with your right hand, the top of his head with your left hand and pull him forward towards you; pivot to a fighting stance and twist his head (rotating your hands as necessary) to break his neck (if he tries to counter by throwing his body in the direction of the twist: reverse direction and hold his head tightly so he does the break for you).


Left 45°forward crane blocking strike his front kick with your right leg, your hands in your guard position; (the right front kick is deflected and slides by), from your crane position, right side kick the inside of his left knee, stepping down on (Sp-10) to dislocate his left knee.

Line of Retribution: (C)

Step forward to your left side (slightly off the line of attack) with your left leg, as you pivot towards him simultaneously downward block his kick with your right arm, and thumb thrust into his right eye with your left arm; as you adjust forward to a neutral bow stance with your left foot, you right hook punch his solar plexus pulling your left arm to the ‘chambered’ position; twisting clockwise you left dropping hook punch his lower left side jaw as you slide your right foot back in advance, you continue your pivot 180° to a twisted stance and execute a right spinning forearm to the left carotid/vagus nerve area of his neck (Gb20); step 270° (to your right 45°) with your left foot (you are behind him now), catch his shoulders with both of your hands; bump or right knee strike his hips (to break his balance); then step back with your right foot, then your left foot and kneel on your left knee; pull him down onto your right knee to break his spine; push him forward off your knee to a sitting position with your shin against his back; apply a right handed rear naked choke. (Alternately) Once he is in a sitting position you can quickly stand up with both of your feet together allowing his upper body to fall (or you can push it) to the floor. From here you can stomp on his head with your right foot.

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