Kid's Program

Kid's Program

Green Belt Chart


Kunioshi no Sai


Bridging the Gap:
Armlock: (C).
Grasping at Straws: (C).

Bridging the Gap:

Step back with your left behind his right leg to a fighting horse, your left hand circles around behind his head so you can grab his hair (or forehead if he has short or no hair), pull his hair/head back and down, right tiger mouth strike his throat as you pivot 90°to his back with your left hand on his right shoulder; and step forward with your right then left driving him back and taking him down, kneel on your right knee and slam his head into the ground with your right tiger mouth on his throat.

Armlock: (C)

Punch forward with your left arm (to free it from his grip) as you step back 45° to the right with your left foot; pivot to a fighting stance, left-side elbow strike to his face, and counter grab his right wrist with your right hand; step forward 45° to the right with your left foot, rotate your hand clockwise, your left hand moves to a guard position; pull his right arm to your right hip with your right hand as you left front kick his lead leg’s knee, plant forward with your left foot, and place your left vertical forearm against his right elbow; pivot 180° to a neutral bow stance as you pull back sharply with your right hand and push forward with your left forearm to break his elbow or take him down.

Grasping at Straws: (C)

Twist your wrists so your thumbs are facing up, pull straight up and back against his thumbs as you right front kick to his abdominal floor; plant-forward with your right foot to a fighting stance between his legs as you double knife hand strike his collar bones; clinch his head pulling it tight to your chest then pull him forward and downward as you step back with your right foot then your left foot, leaning forward pivot towards your back and throw him to the ground.

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