Kid's Program

Kid's Program

Blue Belt (Green Stripe) Chart


Pinan Shodan


Headlock: (C).
Bearhug Pinned in Back: (A).
Wrapping the Gift: (C).

Headlock: (C)

Facing towards him. Step back with your leg that is opposite to his grab and kneel on it, uppercut tiger claw, and try to grab his gonies with that side’s hand, your other hand pulls down on his arm as you try to rip his junk off his body, (if need be, punch his junk several times to effect loosening of the choke).

Bearhug Pinned in Back: (A)

Pinned low (hands in front). Pull both arms straight up and free; if possible, step back with your left foot between his legs, pivot counterclockwise, and left rear elbow to the left side of his head; your left hand continues to your left side as your pivot continues to a Bow stance, execute a right knife-hand strike to his left carotid/vagus nerves area and grab his left shoulder, your left hand reaches up and grabs his right shoulder; holding him in position, deliver a right rising knee to his groin, step forward between his legs with your right leg, pushing him back as you twist pivoting towards your left causing him to trip and fall.

Wrapping the Gift: (C)

Spinning kicks. Step forward with your left foot and Naihanchi kick (with your right foot) his left supporting leg knee joint (breaking it or causing him to collapse), simultaneously strike with both of your knife hands to the back of his shoulder joints (to stop his spin and prevent his arms from striking you); step back with your right foot then your left foot and kneel on your left knee, pulling him onto your right knee, allow him to slide down to a sitting position, his back against your right shin, and put him into a rear naked choke.

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