Kid's Program

Kid's Program

Orange Belt Chart




The Art of War: (C).
Headlock: (B).
Armlock: (B).

The Art of War: (C)

Slide slip forward to your left side under his striking arm (to the outside of his right foot) loading up your right hand, your left hand/forearm covering the left side of your head to reduce the effect of a possible impact; pivot forward into him shifting to a neutral bow stance, your right-hand hook punches his groin in an upward movement; twist your torso back reloading your right side, then twist and pivot forward as you rise and right hooking uppercut with your right palm heel to his left carotid/vagus nerves area, moving your left foot towards his rear left side a bit, drop and ‘U’ slip twisting your torso towards him loading up your left side and left hook punch his right floating ribs or kidney; crescent step with your right foot directly behind him and pivot towards your left, clotheslining his body with your right arm, causing him to trip and fall over your right leg.

Headlock: (B)

Turn your head towards his body (this relieves the pressure on the side of your neck), bite him as you put your left hand on his right hip for support and right uppercut strike his gonies, at the same time step forward with your right leg, slide your right arm under his right knee while you move your left hand across his upper body; press back and down with your left arm as you lift on his right knee and press your body weight against his right side causing him to fall.

Armlock: (B)

(He is gripping your shoulder for support) Keep your right arm straight to prevent the arm lock, cross back to your left with your right foot (rotating your upper body clockwise), twist your right wrist free and forward (to prevent his reacquiring a grip on your right wrist), your left hand reaches over your right shoulder and pins his left hand to your right shoulder; now, (reversing its direction) swing your right arm counterclockwise around and to the outside of (and above) his left arm, while maintaining your pin on his left hand, step back with your left foot; pivot your torso 90º to your left, as you drop into a reverse neutral bow stance (with your right knee down), execute a dropping forearm strike to his left elbow (to take him down).

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