Kid's Program

Kid's Program

Yellow Belt (Orange Stripe) Chart


Nunchaku Kihon


Headlock: (A).
Armlock: (A).
Grasping at Straws: (A).

Headlock: (A)

Avoid. Rotate your head: down and to the left, your chin on your chest; step back with your left foot to a natural stance and duck your head under his right arm; placing your left hand on his right hip, you execute a right tiger claw strike and grab to his gonies; as soon as he is reacting to the attack on his gonies slide your right arm under his right leg and form a guillotine with your left hand, lift his leg and start making quick steps back with your left leg in a circling motion counterclockwise causing him to fall.

Armlock: (A)

(He is holding on to your elbow for support) Keep your right arm straight to prevent the arm lock; free your left elbow (If your elbow can’t go forward: step back 45° to the right with your left foot between his legs; with your left, palm heel strike and grab his groin; execute a left rising rear elbow straight up to his chin) then step forward 45° to your right with your left foot; with your left hand, pin his right hand to your right wrist, circle your right hand clockwise, and grab his right wrist with your right hand placing him into a wrist lock, apply pressure to cause him to drop to the ground.

Grasping at Straws: (A)

Grab his left wrist with your left hand as you Naihanchi kick his right inner knee with your right foot, twist your right wrist free, and as you step forward right knife hand strike his right carotid/vagus nerve area of his neck (Gb20); cross back in advance with your left foot, 45° to your right, adjust our left-hand grip on his wrist, place your right vertical forearm just above his left elbow, pivot left to a Naihanchi stance, pull up with your left hand and push down with your right vertical forearm as you lean forward and lower your body to force him to the ground.

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