Kid's Program

Kid's Program

Purple Belt Chart




Warm Embraces: (A).
Wrapping the Gift: (B).
Spurned Affections: (A).

Warm Embraces: (A)

Double palm heel strikes to his shoulders as you straighten and shoot both of your legs wide and to the rear, using your weight force him down with your palms on the back of his shoulders; as you land on the ground, use his body to cushion your fall and slide your right arm under his neck to a rear naked choke; keep your legs spread wide to prevent him from turning over and choke him until he surrenders or cannot continue his aggression.

Wrapping the Gift: (B)

(High left Roundhouse). Hop forward to your left side off the line of attack to a fighting stance, block his kick with your right arm high outside block, your left hand in a guard position by your right elbow; wrap your right arm over and around his kicking leg, your left hand on the leg; step forward with your right foot, then, sweep his right support leg with your left leg (if you cannot sweep, then trip him), left palm heel push his chest (driving his head backwards into the ground), your right arm still holding on to his left leg), shuffle back a bit with your left foot to a fighting stance, and allow his left leg to slide (as he falls) so you can hook his left ankle/lower calf with your right forearm; catch the top of your right hand with your left hand; keeping his left foot pinned to your right side, pull up and twist your right forearm against his left Achilles tendon (causing him to lift his hips and lower back off the ground); step a bit forward 45° to the left with your left foot; then step over his left leg with your right leg (causing him to turn on to his chest), plant by his left side in a Naihanchi stance; then: pull back and up on his left leg, lower your Naihanchi to a squat or sit on the small of his back putting him in a ‘Half Boston Crab’ hold.

Spurned Affections: (A)

(Rear Shoulder Grab). Step back 45° to your right with your left foot, pivot to a fighting stance, and left outward twisting strike to his arms as you right punch his solar plexus if he is very close you may opt to use your right elbow for the strike; grab his left wrist with your left hand as you retract your right arm to the chamber position, cross over in advance with your right foot then pivot to a Naihanchi stance, tripping him, pull your left hand towards your left hip, forcing him down with your right vertical forearm.

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