Kid's Program

Kid's Program

Orange Belt (Purple Stripe) Chart


Bo Kihon


Grasping at Straws: (A).
Wrapping the Gift: (B).
Attacking Demon: (A).

Grasping at Straws: (A)

Catch his fingers with your left hand (your fingers on the outside of his index finger, your thumb on the outside of his little finger/reversed for his left hand) slowing it, strike the back of his right hand (lower metacarpals right above his wrist) with your right reverse knife hand; pull his hand to your chest and pin it to your chest, as you step back with your right foot (left if catching his left hand), circle your right hand clockwise under your left arm to your left wrist (keeping his hand pinned to your chest); pin your elbows tight to your sides (so his arms cannot pass underneath them), bend forward 45° with your upper body (shifting your weight forward into him), drop your chin onto your chest (to protect your face in case he tries a head butt), bend his fingers forward as far as you can; and twist them clockwise (to cause him to bend his knees); pivot and corkscrew down, kneel with your left (right for his left hand); adjust and restrain. under his right forearm (hooking his left arm in an arm lock, position with your left arm), your right hand simultaneously releases its grip on his right hand, and circles to a right backhand strike to the base of his skull; scooch forward a bit in your kneeling stance (adjust) and apply a folding restraint with your left arm.

Wrapping the Gift: (B)

(High right Roundhouse). Hop forward to your left side (slightly off the line of attack) to a neutral bow stance; twist your upper body, and block his kick with both of your arms in the vertical forearm position (close to your elbows); wrap your left arm around his kicking leg and straighten up (if it was a bit low); step forward a bit with your left foot, then, step forward with your right leg behind his left foot (to trip him), right palm heel strike/push his head or chest (driving his upper body back, to the ground), with your left arm still holding his right calf, shuffle forward putting your right shin against his inner left thigh, adjust forward so you can punch him in the head.

Attacking Demon: (A)

Place your hands in the self-defense posture 45° forward, shoulder high, and open, the arms bent 90°, the elbows one hand’s distance from the ribs, use this to determine your trigger distancing and to keep him from further encroaching your space; when you determine that he has the intent to do you harm, step towards him stepping on his left instep and knife-hand strike his left carotid/vagus nerves area with your right hand while circling your left hand downward, pivot towards him and uppercut his solar plexus; immediately grab his right side with your left hand, adjust your right foot forward a bit and pivot towards him as you strike his skull/neck connection with your right hand cupped palm strike, reposition your right hand to his shoulder, pull downward and towards yourself with your left hand while pushing upwards and towards your left with your right hand to twist him and cause him to fall to the ground.

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