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The Art of War (A)

The first Technique we teach. We call it "The Art of War" as, the book written over 2,000 years ago, it embodies our fighting principles all rolled up into one technique. (Your instructor will supply you with the answers to this) Step forward off the line of attack with your right foot to a neutral bow stance (slipping his punch); simultaneously: left outward extended knife hand block (just to insure you not getting hit), right punch to his head – or – right palm heel to the right side of his face (to turn it); adjust and shuffle forward, left punch his face as your right hand retracts to a guard position (in case of a left hand response from him); shuffle forward (push-drag); pivoting to a fighting stance, right shoulder punch his face, your left hand retracts to a guard position (in case of a right hand response from him); step toward him with your left foot and pivot forward again to a neutral bow, with a left uppercut to his solar plexus, your right hand retracts, then right uppercut to his chin; reach up with both of your hands, and catch the back of his head (Kenpo style); shuffle back, and pull his head down; have your left hand push his head under your right armpit, slide your right arm under his head to a guillotine choke hold position in the crook of your right arm; your left hand catches your right fist (your right thumb is up) with your left palm (supine); then pulls (straight up) towards a vertical position (to assist your right arm in the choke); continue (or use him as a shield) until he is out. When punching someone in the head - it is wiser to use a palm heel or tiger claw strike rather than possibly breaking your hand on his skull. The chin should be the target for punches or along the sides of his mandible.