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The Art of War (B)

Slide slip’ forward to your left side under his striking arm (slightly off the line of attack) loading up your right hand, your left hand/forearm covering the left side of your head; pivot forward into him shifting to a neutral Bow, your right-hand hook punches his floating ribs in an upward movement; twist your torso back reloading your right side, then twist and pivot forward as you rise and right hook/uppercut with your right hand once more, this time to the left side of his chin; drop and ‘U’ slip twisting your torso towards him loading up your left and left hook punch his right kidney (keep your feet stutter-stepping towards him if you need to); dropping your body, twist forward with your right and uppercut him in the groin, then rise and twist your torso back and right hook/uppercut with your right hand to his chin, followed up with a left hook to the right side of his chin. Thank you, Cus (Constantine) D'Amato for this! If you have properly executed the technique and this isn't enough, you should have brought a gun to this fight!