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Hand Staff

This is against a high 45° descending attack. It is not just for a club attack. If you don't move in you are going to be hurt. DO NOT attempt this against a stabbing attack, This technique is NOT designed for that scenario. Again. This is not for use against stabbing attacks. Period. Step forward with your right foot to a fighting stance, simultaneously right tiger mouth to his throat (or tiger claw his face) and left outward parry counter grab his right wrist; then, execute a right folding elbow strike to the left side of his head, continue through, your right is on top of his right arm, then, reverse and right side elbow strike to his face; with your right-hand reach over his right forearm and grab the outside of his right wrist (placing your right thumb on his middle knuckle ); cross back 135° to the left with your right foot while shifting your left hand under his right hand, and grab the inside of his right wrist with your left thumb on his first knuckle); pivot to a fighting stance, now apply a center lock on his right hand; right front snap kick his right knee; plant forward, removing the weapon from his grip with your right hand.