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Kick Block (A)

Any straight in kicks. Step forward to your left side (slightly off the line of attack) to a neutral bow stance with your left leg, simultaneously downward block his kick with your right arm, and left punch his face with your left arm; as you shuffle forward to a neutral bow stance with your left foot, right punch his solar plexus; cross back in advance with your right foot (close to his side) and left hook punch his head (or hook his arms with your left); as you pivot 180° to a twisted stance, execute a right spinning forearm to his neck (Gb20); step 270° (to your right 45°) with your left foot (you are behind him now), catch his shoulders with both of your hands; bump or right knee strike his hips (to break his balance); then step back with your right foot, then your left foot and kneel on your left knee; pull him down onto your right knee to break his spine; push him forward off your knee to a sitting position with your shin against his back; apply a right handed rear naked choke.