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Crossing Over in Advance and Retreat

Right Roundhouse kick: Step forward to your left side (slightly off the line of attack) to a neutral bow stance with your left leg, simultaneously downward block his kick with your right arm, and left punch his face with your left arm; at this point you feel his right roundhouse connect with your body; immediately wrap your left arm around his right leg, catching it; step forward with your left leg and bring your right leg up and behind his support leg; violently slam your right palm heel into his chest as you counter balance by driving your right leg to the rear sweeping his support leg out from under him; allow the captured leg to slide in your grip so his head strikes the ground as you lower your right leg to the ground and establish your balance; at this point your left inside fore arm should be wrapped around his leg at the lower calf muscle; step in towards him with your right leg and with your right shin scrootch forward causing his legs to separate as you bundle him up allowing his right knee to bend more; right punch towards his face to distract him, your right hand retracts to his right patella and you push his leg to your rear, Your left hand meanwhile grabs and pushes down on his right foot causing his hip to rise and allowing you to apply a toe hold and execute it for the finish.Coming soon