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Natan No Sai - Part 1

This is a long and complicated Kobujutsu kata.

Natan No Sai - Part 2

By now you should know the drill! Part 2 of 5 parts. Like the Jutte was the Japanese police symbol, basically an iron truncheon and not sharp at the point or bladed, the Sai was used by the Okinawan police. It was useful because it could parry the slash of a sword or disarm an assailant without serious injury to either party. Essentially a defensive, clubbing, or restraining weapon, the length of the Sai requires the user to get extremely close to those rowdy individuals being apprehended.

Natan No Sai - Part 3

Watch the angles! That's where you mess up.

Natan No Sai - Part 4

You are still on the 45's. Most of the kata is done on the 45's.

Natan No Sai - Part 5

Finally! The last part in the puzzle. The angles straighten out for the finale.