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Vertical (Kneeling)

Starting position: Kneeling on your right knee, left knee up, his left arm is on the inside of our right arm, he is face down on the ground. Catch his left hand with your left, palm against the back of his hand, thumb on the styloid process of his ulna, fingers gripping his thumb, place the right forearm on the distal anterior portion of his humerus; place your right pectoral over and on left hand; press downwards to force his left shoulder to the ground; place right radius against his left elbow, pull back against elbow to restrain or break; for additional leverage place left elbow against right fist and press in to chest.

Horizontal (Kneeling)

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Vertical (Standing)

Starting position: You are standing, you have his left wrist in your left hand, he is face down on the ground. Reach down and grab his left wrist with your right hand as you step forward 45° to a crossing stance with your right foot. Swing your left foot forward (facing him as he lays on the ground) and slam your left foot under his left shoulder kicking his neck with your left foot. With his arm in the air, press downwards as you reach down over your right hand with your left hand and catch his left hand. Elevate his arm so his hand is directly over his left shoulder as you press down and twist his left hand and arm clockwise so his elbow is against your left shin; bend your left knee to apply pressure on his left elbow with your shin to restrain.

Turn Over

He is on his back. Position his right arm on your right knee; step over his head with your left leg using the right leg to turn him over to his stomach; reverse your right leg dropping your shin on his neck as you kneel with right leg; use your left hand to twist his right arm to arm lock; place his right elbow in crook of your left leg for lockup.