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Spinning Crab

The 10th and final technique for the Muudansha Trial period. Step forward with your right foot to a fighting stance, covering your head with both hands; shuffle forward (executing a dip slip) grabbing the back of his head with both hands, step back with your left foot dropping your weight (and lowering your body) pull him forward and down forcing his weight on to his right front leg; maintaining your right hand on his head, reach down with your left hand and catch his right ankle; stepping forward with your left foot push forward with your head, into his body, as you lift up his right foot (ankle pick) causing him to fall on his back; at this point you want your left inside fore arm to be wrapped around his leg at the lower calf muscle; scooch in towards him with your right leg and right punch towards his face to distract him, the right hand retracts and catches your left hand in a reverse gable grip; keeping his right leg in a Calf Crusher, lift straight up causing him to bridge up onto his neck or head, then step across his body turning him over onto his stomach and sit on his butt or back executing a Boston crab on him. He is open to several leg locks with his foot in this position if you topple over onto your side.