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Feet are shoulder-width apart and parallel (on the outside) with the knees slightly bent, toes gripping the ground. The Naihanchi stance is basically the same; just one and a half to two shoulders wide, both knees bent out over the insteps. Your feet would be in this position if you were riding a horse with your feet in the stirrups. With the Fighting stance, the feet are parallel, pointing 45° forward, shoulder wide, with the front toe and ball of the back foot on the centerline. Both knees are bent with the front knee pointing forward, 50-50%. The Fighting Horse stance is identical except; it is two shoulders wide or more. All, of these stances, are 50-50%. Weight distribution.


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Bow and Neutral Bow

Short for Bow and Arrow. The front foot is pointed, at minimum, 45° forward, the back foot is straight pointing forward, both feet are centered on the centerline. The front leg is bent with the knee over the instep, the back leg straight, 70-30%. The Neutral Bow is the same except; the back leg is bent with the knee pointing down, over the centerline, with the foot's heel in the air, ball on the ground, 70-30 to 30-70%. When the back knee touches the front knee, it is called a Knee to Knee stance. The exact reverse, of the Neutral Bow, is the Dropping stance sometimes called the Reverse Neutral Bow. The front leg is bent to the rear, knee pointing down; foot, heel in the air, ball on the ground.

'T' and 'L'

The ‘T’ stance has the feet flat on the ground, back foot 90° to and centered on the centerline, front foot straight ahead, on the centerline, both knees are bent, 10-90 to 50-50. The Extended version is created by moving the front foot forward. The 'L' and Reverse 'L' Stances are simple adjustments to the front foot position re the back foot.


The feet are parallel, shoulder wide, pointing to the front, one to two-plus shoulder widths long, your front leg is bent with the knee over the instep, the back leg is straight, 60-40%.

Knee to Knee and Dropping

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Cat, 'T' and extended stances

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Crane and Side Crane

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