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The Dancer

A two-hand choke OR shoulder grab from behind. At the same time: pin your chin to your chest, step back 45° to your right with your left foot, bend forward 45° and left knife-hand strike his groin; pivot to a low Naihanchi stance with your upper body parallel to the ground as your left-hand lowers to the upper right side of his knee preventing it from rising, your head slides under his grip; pressing on his upper knee with your left hand, right reverse rising knife hand strike to his groin; crescent step with your right foot to a twisted stance around and behind his right foot, then bring your left foot around to a natural stance directly behind him; with your left hand grab his head and jerk it back, fingers in his eyes, so you can put your right arm into a rear-naked choke; shuffle back with your left foot until you can drop his spine on your right knee, then slide him a bit forward so his butt is on the ground and your right shin is against his back.