Kid's Program

Kid's Program

Yellow Belt Chart


Naihanchi Shodan


The Art of War: (B).
Dancing with the Devil:
Meeting of the Minds: (B).

The Art of War: (B)

Step forward off the line of attack with your right foot; at the same time: left outward extended knife hand block his right punch as your right-hand punches him in the left pectoral (shoulder) girdle, pivot your left foot towards him to a neutral bow, and execute a left palm strike to his left carotid/vagus nerves area, your right-hand drops swinging clockwise and hits him with a 45º uppercut to the left kidney/floating ribs area.

Dancing with the Devil:

Hop forward 45° left with your left leg to a crane stance, grab his right elbow with your left hand, pull his right arm past your right hip with both hands, and execute a right roundhouse knee strike to his solar plexus; plant forward behind his right leg with your right leg and deliver a right upward tiger claw strike and grab to his left shoulder, left crane hook the crook of his right elbow; pivot 180° to a bow stance as you push with your right arm and pull down with your left crane hook to throw him to ground.

Meeting of the Minds: (B)

Step back with your left foot to a cat stance, double outward crane parry and catch his wrists; pull his arms hard to your hips, right front kick to his bladder; plant-forward 45º to the left with your right leg, maintaining your grip on his wrists; bring his arms over your head; cross back in advance with your left foot and pivot to a fighting stance; apply pressure on his elbow causing him to flip onto his back.

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