Kid's Program

Hóng Cūn [Red Village] Liūchū Qūanfa [Ryukyu Kenpo]
(紅鄉 琉球 拳法)

Kid's Program

Yellow Stripe Belt Chart


Naihanchi Shodan


The Art of War: (A).
Line of Retribution: (A).
Meeting of the Minds: (A).

The Art of War: (A)

Step forward off the line of attack with your right foot to a neutral bow stance; at the same time left outward extended knife hand block (to reduce the effect of a possible impact), right palm heel strike his left carotid/vagus nerves area adjust and shuffle forward, your right hand retracts to a guard position (in case of a left-hand response from him)


a. (his forward momentum stops, and his body moves rearward) shuffle forward (push-drag), pivoting to a fighting stance and,

b. (his forward momentum stops and his body stays in place) pivot in place to a fighting stance and,

c. (his forward momentum continues) step back with your left leg alongside him and pivot to a fighting stance and,

your left-hand circles, as your left foot, pivots towards him to a neutral bow, and executes a left solar plexus uppercut, your right-hand swings counterclockwise and hits him with a cupped palm strike to the base of his skull where the neck joins it.

Line of Retribution: (A)

Step back into a fighting stance and ‘X’ block his right foot or ankle with your right hand on top of your left, grab his heel with your right hand and his toes with your left; twist his foot clockwise so his knee is pointing down; with your rear leg front kick to his gonies, pushing forward on his right leg, force him to the ground.

Meeting of the Minds: (A)

Step back with left to cat, double outward crane parry and catch his wrists; pull his arms hard to your hips as you right front kick to his abdominal floor; plant-forward with your right to a fighting stance, double uppercut punch to his pectoral (shoulder) girdles, grab his head, your right hand on his chin, your left on the top of his head; pulling his head down to your waist height, step back right, left, then pivot into a Naihanchi stance and twist his head so he falls on his back.