Black Belt Program

Black Belt Program Stage 1

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Naihanchi Shodan
Bo Kihon


The Art of War. (ABC).
Line of Retribution. (ABC).
Grasping at Straws. (ABC).

The Art of War: (ABC).

The first set of techniques we require is called "The Art of War" as, in the book written over 2,000 years ago, these techniques embody our fighting principles all rolled up into one. (Your instructor will supply you with the answers to this). Do not be fooled into thinking this technique is only used for defense. It is very capable of being used offensively. When striking someone in the head - it is wiser to use a palm heel or tiger claw strike rather than possibly breaking your hand on his skull. The chin should be the target for dropping punches to the front or sides of his face (Maxilla/Mandible areas) not rising or straight in. Save your fist for soft targets but remember that you must be effective at whatever you do. Meaning making sure you understand the right things. With us, the right thing is inflicting DAMAGE on the human body. Once you know that, the next thing is developing efficiency. That means doing the right things the right way. The worst thing would be getting very efficient at doing the wrong things.

A.) Right Punch: Step forward off the line of attack with your right foot to a fighting stance; at the same time: left outward extended knife hand block (to reduce the effect of a possible impact), and right ulna strike his left clavicle, your right hand retracts to a guard position as your left gouging thumb enters his right eye to the second joint, from there reach behind and grab behind his neck with your left hand; take a small step forward with your right foot and pivot towards him to deliver a right elbow strike to the left side of his head (Maxilla/Mandible areas);


a. (his forward momentum stops, and his body moves rearward) Shuffle forward (push-drag), pivoting to a fighting stance and,

b. (his forward momentum stops, and his body stays in place) Pivot in place to a fighting stance and,

c. (his forward momentum continues) Step back with your left leg alongside him and pivot to a fighting stance and,

(if he hasn’t collapsed by this time) reach up with your right hand, and catch the back of his head with both hands (Kenpo style with both forearms pressed vertically against his chest); step back with your right then left and pull his head towards your chest. Maintaining your grip on his head, push his head down to your belly button height, slide your right hand down, and grab his chin while maintaining your left hand on top of his head. While pulling him forward by his head. step back with your right foot, left foot, then pivot to a Naihanchi stance and violently twist his head counterclockwise to break his neck. (if he tries to counter by throwing his body in the direction of the twist: reverse direction and hold his head tightly so he does the break for you).

(B.) High Right Hook Punch: Slide slip forward to your left under his striking arm (to the outside of his right foot) loading up your right hand, your left hand/forearm covering the left side of your head to reduce the effect of a possible impact; pivot forward into him shifting to a neutral bow stance, your right-hand hook punches his gonies/bladder/solar plexus in an upward movement; twist your torso back reloading your right side, then twist and pivot forward as you rise and right descending hook punch to his lower left mandible; (normally, this is the end of it) moving your left foot towards his rear left side a bit, drop and ‘U’ slip twisting your torso towards him loading up your left side and left hook punch his right floating ribs or kidney; step with your right foot directly in front of him and uppercut palm heel strike under his chin with your right, your left arm having withdrawn towards a chambering position, then; reach up with both of your hands, and catch the back of his head (Kenpo style with both forearms pressed vertically against his chest); shuffle back, and pull his head to your chest then deliver a right rising knee or shin strike his abdominal floor, driving forward with all of your body weight plant forward with your right foot; Maintaining your grip on his head, step back with your right foot then your left foot while lowering his head to your waist height and pulling him forward by his head, now, bring your right foot to your left foot and cross back 90° to your right with your left leg, maintain your left hand on his head keeping it down while swinging your right arm 360+ degrees in a circle to a dropping forearm strike to the back of his neck.

(C.) Right Punch: Step forward with your left foot to a neutral bow stance; at the same time left outward extended knife hand block (to reduce the effect of a possible impact) and thrust your right thumb into his left eye. Shuffle forward as necessary and slide your right hand to the back of his head. Holding his head, slightly pulling it towards you with your right hand, execute a left knifehand strike to his throat. Bring your left hand over his head, joining your right, and pull his head forward to your chest; drive a right-rising knee or shin strike into his groin; push his head down to your right hip as you are stepping back to the correct distance pulling him with you, pivot to a Naihanchi stance with your left leg back, maintain your left hand on top of his head as you violently slide your right hand down and across his face forcing his head to turn to your left front, pin the top of his head against your right hip using your left hand while placing your forearm radius on the left side under his skull as you lower yourself in your Naihanchi stance, pull in with your right forearm as you twist you radius towards your body and thrusting your right hip towards him as your legs straighten forcing his neck to bend until it breaks.

Line of Retribution: (ABC).

(A.) Any straight in kick including a right Roundhouse: Step forward to your left side (slightly off the line of attack) with your left leg, as you pivot towards him simultaneously downward block his kick with your right arm, and thumb thrust into his right eye with your left hand (if it's a Roundhouse kick, your left forearm will negate the kick before you execute the eye shot); as you adjust forward with your right foot, you right hook punch his solar plexus pulling your left arm to the ‘chambered’ position; twisting clockwise you left dropping hook punch his lower right side jaw as you slide your right foot back in advance, you continue your pivot 180° to a twisted stance and execute a right spinning forearm to the left carotid/vagus nerve area of his neck (Gb20); step 270° (to your right 45°) with your left foot (you are behind him now), catch his shoulders with both of your hands; bump or right knee strike his hips (to break his balance); then step back with your right foot, then your left foot and kneel on your left knee; pull him down onto your right knee to break his spine; push him forward off your knee to a sitting position with your shin against his back; apply a right handed rear naked choke. (Alternately) Once he is in a sitting position you can quickly stand up with both of your feet together allowing his upper body to fall (or you can push it) to the floor. From here you can stomp on his head with your right foot.

(B.) Right Front kick: Step back into a stance, downward clockwise sweep his foot to the left outside your body and grab his foot/ankle/calf in your lead hand, your backhand stays in the guard position; with your rear leg, front kick to his gonies, (Cv-1), inner thigh of his kicking leg, or his support leg (Sp-10), immediately after you kick, release his leg, plant-forward and execute double palm heel strikes to his (Maxilla/Mandible areas) on one side of his head and Carotid/Vegas nerve point on the opposite side of his head; clinch his head with both hands pulling him forward a bit, then deliver a full power rising knee strike to his abdominal floor driving forward with your rear leg pushing him back.

(C.). Right Front or Side kick: Step back with your right foot, right counterclockwise sweeping downward block to catch his right ankle with the crook of your right arm, place your left hand on his ankle to pin his ankle to your right forearm; elevate his leg to reduce his balance and right Naihanchi or side kick the inside of his left ankle, stepping on it to break it; once broken left palm heel strike to his chest to knock him down, but maintain your hold on his right foot for additional damage, if need be.

Grasping at Straws: (ABC).

(A.) Two Hand Neck Grab: With your right Crane Wrist, strike up against his left inside forearm, bring your left arm up between his arms and over his left forearm locking it in place with the crook of your elbow as your right hand twists and catches his forearm and your left hand goes under your right arm and grasps your upper right arm; stepping forward 45° with your right foot, twist your upper body towards your right side and down forcing him to fall on his back; as he is going down your left hand catches his left wrist, have your right hand join it pulling up as you straighten up and stomp on his head with your right foot; step back 270° with your right foot and kneel pulling his left elbow over your left knee, push down to break it, then quickly stand up.

(B.) Grabbing Both Wrists: Grab his left wrist with your left hand as you Naihanchi kick his right inner knee with your right foot, twist your right wrist free, and as you step forward right knife hand strike his right carotid/vagus nerve area of his neck (Gb20); cross back in advance with your left foot, 45° to your right, adjust your left-hand grip on his wrist, place your right vertical forearm just above his left elbow, pivot left to a Naihanchi stance to break his left arm; then right crane hook the inside crook of his left elbow, pivot clockwise to a twisted stance and left elbow strike to his face, twist back and deliver a right cupped palm strike to the neck/cranium juncture at the back of his head.

(C.) High Chest/Shoulder Grabs: Catch his fingers with your left hand (your fingers on the outside of his index finger, your thumb on the outside of his little finger/reversed for his left hand) slowing it, strike the back of his right hand (lower metacarpals right above his wrist) with your right reverse knife hand; pull his hand to your chest and pin it to your chest as you step back with your right foot (left if catching his left hand) and circle your right hand clockwise under your left arm to your left wrist (keeping his hand pinned to your chest), as you pull him forward pin your elbows tight to your sides (so his arms cannot pass underneath them), reverse and slam forward into him, bending forward 45° with your upper body (shifting your weight forward and downward into him), drop your chin onto your chest (to protect your face in case of a head butt), bend his fingers forward as far as you can; and twist them clockwise (to cause him to bend his knees); step appropriately with your back foot, then pivot and corkscrew down, kneel with your left (right for his left hand); adjust and restrain. under his right forearm (hooking his left arm in an arm lock position with your left arm), your right hand simultaneously releases its grip on his right hand, and circles to a right backhand strike to the base of his skull; scooch forward a bit in your kneeling stance (adjust) and apply a folding restraint with your left arm and violently straighten your left arm to dislocate his right shoulder.

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